Léo Peltier - Portfolio


Bisounours Party

Launch trailer (fr, 2009)

Bisounours Party is a multiplayer fast FPS based on the Source Engine.
It was created by a team of high school students located all around France and a few translators from the rest of the world.
Its juvenile humor and fast-paced gameplay inspired by Quake, Doom, and Tribes makes for the most enjoyable experience I ever had in a multiplayer game.
The entire SVN repository is available on the ModDB downloads page.

In this project I had the roles of developer, level designer, 2D artist, game designer, web developer, system administrator, and benevolent co-dictator.

Technologies and software used: Source Engine, Valve Hammer Editor, C++, Subversion, Adobe Photoshop, 3DS Max, Visual Studio Express.


Get a Life

Beta 0.2 Trailer (2006)

Get a Life is a single player Source Engine modification that started as a collection of unfinished maps and ended up being a scenarized and almost coherent game.
I arrived late in the project to debug the code and optimize the maps for performance.
The Source Engine is quite capricious when it comes to handling visibility and many level designers had trouble understanding how VBSP and VVIS worked, which is required to create anything that runs smoothly.

Technologies and software used: Source Engine, Valve Hammer Editor, C++, Subversion, Visual Studio Express.



Launch Trailer (en, 2012)

HappyLife was a social game (ie. a "Facebook game") created by the now defunct HumanoGames studio and designed to promote microcredit and fund entrepreneurs via platforms like Kiva and Babyloan.

As the only back-end developer and system administrator, I developed the game back-end, an asset manager, a behavioral tracking and reporting solution, a meta-API to interface with crowd-funded microcredit platforms, and many more small utilities.

Technologies and software used: PHP, CakePHP, Lithium, JavaScript, Backbone.js, Subversion, git, Python, Facebook API, Debian, MySQL Cluster, Apache, Lighttpd.


Demo (2017)

RuheGL is a Virtual Reality cinema prototype designed for the HTC Vive, Windows, and GNU/Linux.
Made from scratch after two inconclusive prototypes with Unity and Unreal Engine 4, it streams movies in a virtual movie theater so you don't have to endure your neighbor pop-corn munching noises.

Technologies and software used: C++11, OpenGL, OpenVR, libVLC, FreeType, CMake, GIMP, Blender, Visual Studio.


Prototype screenshot

Prototype screenshot

Poussin is an DMG (Nintendo Game Boy) emulator and debugger written just to see if it could be done using only Go.
The DMG having already many feature-complete emulators I lost interest in the project and did not bother finishing it.
Only joypad emulation and sprite rendering is needed for games to be playable.

Technologies and software used: Golang, OpenGL.


Ansible roles

As a system administrator and GNU/Linux user, I manage all my servers and personal computers using Ansible, here are the roles I released as Free and Open Source Software:

HTTP Timing

HTTP timing graph example HTTP timing multi graph example

munin-http-timing is a Munin node plugin that gathers timing data by performing HTTP requests to a set list of URIs.
It is written in Go and is currently in use at UniversCiné where it monitors all the websites the company hosts.


screenshot screenshot

Woland is a file browser hastily written in PHP, it was designed as a replacement for Owncloud after I migrated to Syncthing.